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Hernia is a medical condition that is characterized by relaxation of a muscle that holds an internal organ in a particular location leading to movement of that organ that ultimately causes different health problems as well as painful symptoms. When speaking of hiatal hernia it is the stomach that moves from the abdominal cavity upwards into the chest.

People suffering from constant acid reflux problem are always looking for a solution that could deliver an effective relief for this unpleasant condition. Of course, the alternative acid reflux solutions that will be discussed further do not provide a 100% success guarantee, however if taking the right direction in changing your lifestyle the problem can be addressed effectively and without additional treatments.

Hiatal hernia is often associated with acid reflux disease or GERD being indicated as one of the reasons for this health condition. GERD is known to be mainly a muscular disorder linked to improper functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). This muscle connects the stomach with the esophagus and prevents the food from getting up back after it has entered the stomach. When the sphincter is too weak or functions abnormally the contents of the stomach reflux into the esophagus and damage its inner lining due to the high acidity of the stomach liquids.

What does this have to do with hiatal hernia? Recent studies have shown that the misplacement of the stomach has a direct impact on the functioning of LES. Normally, LES is enforced by the diaphragm, which lies within the same plane and helps keep the muscle closed tight. However, when hiatal hernia is present the LES gets misplaced too and the diaphragm is no longer able to support it. Thus the sphincter becomes less effective and stomach contents reflux more often into the esophagus causing such unpleasant symptoms as heartburn.

There are different conditions that may cause hiatal hernia. Some of the most common factors contributing to its development include pregnancy, uncomfortable clothing, abrupt physical stress, serious abdominal injury, constipation, vomiting. This may be also caused by birth and development defects or weakening of the inner tissue holding the organs in their places.

Overcoming hiatal hernia and GERD rarely involves surgery. First of all in order to reduce the effects of acidity your doctor may prescribe you with Aciphex. Aciphex works by regulating the production of acid within the stomach and lowering its impact on the esophagus during reflux. Still, it’s a measure to eliminate the consequence. So when it comes to treating the actual cause doctors usually recommend the following measures:

* Take smaller meals more frequently.
* Do not consume foods and beverages that may provoke acid reflux.
* Avoid eating in less than 3 hours before bedtime.
* Keep the head of your bed 4-8 inches higher then the rest of your body.
* Don’t wrap your waist into tight clothes.
* Avoid lowering your upper parts too much after eating.
* Avoid constipation and consult with your physician if you have such problems.
* Try to avoid lifting heavy weights.
* Get rid of excessive weight.
* Stop smoking.

These measures are very effective in preventing and stopping the development of hiatal hernia, and the earlier you take them, the easier it will be for you to minimize the impact of this health condition.

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