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'Charming Hostess' play gig in Moscow

'Charming Hostess' a band uniting musicians from Israel and San Francisco has given a concert in Moscow which was a part of the 'Eshkol' project.

are trying to show a very wide range of modern tendencies in music and contemporary art. Not only from Israel but from everywhere, commented XXX.

'Charming Hostess' refer to the an unusual mix of folk music, instruments from around the globe and strong female voices. There are three singers in the group.

like to describe my music as These are the influences I'm particularly interested in, explained Jewlia Eisenberg, a vocalist.

Now, the group presents 'The Bowls Project' a performance based on inscriptions from Babylonian amulets. People used to leave their thoughts, hopes and cravings on simple clay bowls and bury them in the ground, on the territory that is now Iraq. ... &t=316&v=t]vnudrw ... &t=316&v=t

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