Nigerian presidential candidates electoral debate? - By omonlaotilo
Will you want to see Nigerian presidential candidates battle it out in a worldwide televised debate? US did it and now UK embraced it in the last election. We need to know how informed these candidates are about the problems in the country and what they will do to solve them. Also an opportunity for ordinary Nigerians to ask them questions.

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Naija Mix


good thinking! There is an initiative on the way, something similar to your concept. I'll break you in when I get more info.
Thank you, showpopulous for your comment. But its our vote; we should decide how we want it to go (dream land ba!). Let us lobby people to sign a petition, which we'll send it to the house of senate or somewhere itll be recognised, to put the proposal to ballot. I believe we need to flush out these illiterate and unknowledgeable governors and presidential candidates. Let seek their intelligence and true motives before theyre crowned with the position. Its only right we try!
Of course yes! Everyone will like to see that. The problem is that majority of our leaders will not support such an initiative because most of them have no idea of what the existing problems are or how to solve them. They just want to be president/governor period. Imagine IBB and Atiku, people with no vision, outlook, imagination, or leadership skills fighting to rule the country!