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Low platform, the lchant Liang Yan flames the edge of the springboard th, which Guixiao with hideous. I carry the dedication and desire to dream of the future jump, looking yellow and orang bright red flames Verge, I suddenly lost my God, dvi ct the road to reach the next section of the shore. I cabbage. Included in this endless sea of flames. Dvorantes flames my musculoskeletal, scorching my mind. Pain throughout the body, and beat me, is the failure of dclin. I looked at the meticulous casting prototype has a little dream t flames enterrs submerged, the body seems to be pumped all the blood in oxygne, Lianku is a supplment, I could not look, numbness and loss. Stature anantie the soupon remains of ideas bitter rear-got.

Dear breath finish that sentence very tired, but I want to cry, Dear given me a slap in the face, said: crying and crying, you know you are crying all day as your other tears Please, you do not feel bored? Painful, but I did not cry, just say one sentence: You do not tell him, but your Xia children, we have four years she will be able to earn just a friendship we do? Amiti you really? She was afraid of me, and not talking about my left side. Suddenly, I feel that she can not say the difficulties, I do not care. After school, familire a voice came from behind, I turned my head, Yang Shuai, I fell on him and embrass, which is like my sister and feeling of his brother, he touch my head and said, I am not all, hee hee, just wanted to tease you about her friends.

Finally, the parallelism in the paragraphs and references in particular poetry, it's ax on the author of a loving teacher. Of course, this article can also write better, for example, can also be transformed by the end of more flavor, but the description of the item for the case of cabbage can also be more spcifique. Teacher comments: My Juanjuan Ma mere a 35 ans, elle a une paire de yeux brillants, et les cheveux longs, lvres roses, un sourire me font toujours tat d'brit. Ma mre non seulement l'apparence, mais aussi trs responsable aussi! Une fois, elle avait une forte fivre, je lui ai dit: Maman, tu briser un cours de jour, il sont malades, ne soyez pas trop fatigu. Maman a dit: Je ne peux pas le faire aujourd'hui, il ya une runion particulirement importante, vous ne pouvez pas manquer, vous rentrez chez vous il devoirs, de me laisser tre en colre il! Angry colre, ne vous lche pas, oh! Je lui rpondis rapidement.

I do not know when I became so, recalling a few years ago, I am a Journe complte and small partners rclamaient What manga look good ah, ah what the interesting activities, also invented all sorts of strange games, and even made a small poster, small, small books, pages, remember that time and small partners range from identity photo suddenly fascinated, then go home do not eat rice imitation hand to do, where borders is ah now to return ah can not believe I REALLY think there are those talented, can last after all the past, I do not know the syndrome advance puberty in front of me later, still has not come a time, I retrouv now people around melody. I can be a child of this age love to be DIFFERENT, the pursuit of individuality it every day around the students excits Wa Wade cry was a man of God, a combination of name, said good like ah, nice ah, I am not interested, walking in front of the school where also reminds Corenne idol handsome and charming sigh of class management, and that excits very bright eyes, I still remember everything, even the women in our class learn Pa QQ space, as long as a line ad be Rprinter TFboys and the discourse of EXO, the pupils open bar QQ panel, Starchaser trend is simply a gathering place, I course, as long as you do nothing every day, those dazzling signing of light and talk, can inform you about the latest developments in the moment, the words of the hottest fashion, but now micro-letters, and more social software, which does nothing.

Make sweet potato balls and surface materials. En route, we first sweet potatoes and noodles mlangs and ptrir the dough, sweet potato balls on the right, but make half the time, my grandmother felt too prs hands and go out in wet hands in a little oil really works, and it would not hold hands. Finally, the ball Zhashu grandmother oil, I eat really too sweet! I understand, do their own thing, the best food is the scent because I pay work. The rain, the rhythm of the other, I walk aimlessly on the road. Things in the world apprcient heaven for baptism. My tears flowing conservs, as the rain, as more and more difficult. I walk in the countryside, a small road, so walking aimlessly.