Insecurity In Nigeria - Another Broad Daylight Robbery Opera - By timkola
"Robbers struck in front of Diamond Bank Mile One branch on Ikwerre Road in Port Harcourt, the capital of the oil rich Rivers State, today, killing a Police Corporal on escort duty and the driver of a Toyota Hilux van from the Rivers State Songhai Farms

The gang of four armed men also escaped with a huge sum of money, which the victims withdrew from the Diamond Bank, near the Divisional Police Headquarters, Mile One, Diobu, just beside the popular Mile One Market and the Secretariat of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The operation which lasted less than 20 minutes, caused pandemonium in the nearby Mile One Market as it was completely deserted. Traders scampered for safety in the confusion.Eyewitnesses told P.M.News that the four robbers walked freely on Ikwerre Road and were so relaxed and confident as they shot sporadically into the air, shouting Where are the Policemenwhere are they.

Vehicles around the scene were not spared as people ran away.

Men of the Rivers Police Command later recovered N1.5 million from the victims Hilux van, which the robbers left behind in a hurry.

Mr. George Onah,a journalist and the Bureau Chief of Vanguard newspaper in Port Harcourt, escaped death by the whiskers as he hid himself inside the car while the sporadic shooting was going on. The rear glass of his KIA Rio car, with registration: Lagos: BQ 532 AGL, was not spared as it was shattered by the robbers bullets.

An official of Diamond Bank, who pleaded not to be named, told our reporter that the customers had concluded their transaction and left the bank, before the armed robbers struck, just in front of the bank.

According to Onah:I left my office beside the bank at 2:57 pm, with the intention of driving my KIA car to the correspondents chapel office at 49, Ikwerre Road, to use the cyber caf. I entered the car and was about reversing to Ikwerre road, to move forward and make U-turn to the chapel, when I started hearing gun shots.I completely folded myself and bent by the pedals and the passengers seat, for the armed robbers not to see me, but I was conscious of what was happening and using the rear view mirror to monitor what was going on.The armed robbers, who came with an unmarked Toyota Camry salon car, thought I wanted to block them from operating, making them to shoot from the rear glass, probably with the intention of killing me, in order not to hinder their operation. They started with my car.The covered Hilux, with foreign registration number (758 ONG RB), was about leaving the bank, when the armed robbers first shot at the driver, who died on the spot. They then pumped bullets into the head of the policeman, who sat with the driver in front, shattering his skull and collected his AK-47 rifle.The armed robbers then moved to the back of the Hilux vehicle and pulled out bags of money. They escaped with the killed policemans rifle and the bags of money, in the Toyota Camry car they came with.When I came out of my car, people around could not believe what they saw. They thought I was a ghost, presuming that I had been killed by the robbers bullets. I give God the glory.

Shortly after the armed robbers had escaped, policemen, accompanied by senior officers, came in many Toyota patrol vans and also deployed an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), with large number of people gathering to confirm what happened.

The corpses of the policeman and that of the driver were later deposited by policemen at the morgue of an undisclosed hospital in Port Harcourt.

source: ... 10/robbery

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Politics Talk

I don't think having a state or local police will solve d problem our problem is corruption if we can curb it Nigeria wil bear a new name God bless Nigeria
Showpopulous: It is no mistake. The governor of a state is the chief security officer of that state. In a situation where we have a state police, the state police commissioner reports to the governor, who is a politician. Whenever there is an uprising in the state involving indigenes of another state or ethnic group, we may not trust the politician governor to do right. Further, a governor/politician may use the police to harrass his opponents or perceived opponents. With respect to the local government police, no matter how you try to spin it, the police will still be answerable to someone. If that person is the one incharge of paying their salary, there is a potential conflict right their.
To Ejior: Law enforcement agencies are not under the Judiciary in advanced countries. They work with the judiciary in that they need the magistrates/judges to effect search warrants and at times arrest warrants (i.e. bench warrants). They appear before judges to testify in cases they are involved with. Does that make them under the Judiciary? No.
Does anyone realize that in advanced countries, the law enforcement agencies and under the JUDICIARY
@Vincent Otuonye,
That is exactly the mistake everyone is making. WHY DOES THE POLICE HAVE TO REPORT TO THE POLITICIANS?

The system will always be abused whenever the law enforcement is a subordinate of the executive arm of government. That is why the governors and other politicians can abuse the power of Chief Security Officer of the state without apprehension.

A LGA police chief (or superintendent or sheriff, whatever you chose to call it) should answer directly to the local government residents, possibly association of Local Government Landlords. These are the people that are actually affected by the current insecurity of the nation. If there is an election every two years to chose a new police chief, the incumbents will quickly learn to sit right and perform their duties appropriate because they know that they will lose their jobs in two years if they don't. Simple.

The politicians should not have to be involved in that. Then the funds for the local police force is generated from maintaining law and order in the LGA, such as making violators pay for parking, road use, taxes, etc.

This will work just fine and it is probably the best solution.
The problem is not state or local police. The problem is employment and jobs. Create jobs for our teeming unemployed youths and watch whether robbery and other vices will not be reduced. Further, as someone pointed out, some politicians will misuse the state or local police.
Its very unfortunate this should happen but having a state police or LG police will not improve the security situation of the country.The robbers could move freely and call out for police officers because they know our officers will rather be in hiding with their tails between their legs.What I believe we need is a reform of the present police force. There is no more fear/respect for the police.An average policeman start the day with the thought of how many innocent Nigerian they will exploit...where to mount a road block(even on a very busy Lagos road during evening rush..haba) and not about a possible criminal hideout they need not infiltrate(not arrest every youth passing by).There is no psycological and physical preparation for what they being "trained" to do.
Before u bring such issue first tink of it are we ripe for it wht if tribalism sets in oppression of non indigine of d state state governors over using it power even whn we dnt ave it they still intimidate wht happens whn it within their reach d best way is to flush out d lazy and over age ones restructure d police increse their salary enstructure a gud death policy plan for dem and other incentive
I support state police but I think LGA police is better. Either way, NPF cannot do it alone.

Just my 2 cents
For Nigeria to have good security of life and property, I honestly think we must either have state police or local government police. Otherwise, forget it What do you say?