Who Would You Blame For The Failed ACN?CPC Alliance? - By timkola
To beat PDP, we all agree that ACN and CPC should have formed some kind of alliance. For one reason or another, this alliance has continued to fail with some people blaming Buhari, some blame Tinubu, some blame Ribadu all for different reasons. Who do you think is ultimately responsible for the breakdown of the alliance talks?

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guyz we're going out of the core point of arguement. De issue is dat, ''what is d cause of de faillure of ACN/CPC alliance''. As 4 me, its only b/c of selfish intesrest. Dis politicians ar all desame. Dey hav not seen nigerian been worth to deserve dier sacrifies. Take 4 instance which of d parties ever declined receiving d huge payment in national assembly dat is against my party moto but dere all received quietly till Sanusi open nigerian eyes. 4 me i will vote jonathan/sambo, since i was born dis is d 1st time i'm seing ballot papers in dier government. I beleive dere is hope 4 total transformation with them
The truth is there is no way forward for this country with a PDP led govt with all those cronies at d?_??? helm of affairs. In Lagos state it took d?_??? govt less than 14 months for the people to start seeing the dividends of democracy so why do power reforms have to take us 16yrs to achieve?

It is obvious the polity is sick & it needs a healing! If you're being treated for a particular ailment for 12yrs without improvement, wouldn't you rather change doctors?
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I don't know why people keep saying PDP play money politics. Do you know how much the ACN spent? Or how much they were splashing out in Lagos to get into the senate.

Also, why do people generally assume that we all want to vote CPC or ACN. Let's just state out facts objectively and leave the decision for people to make and not try to elevate our own personal decisions.

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To me its not about the party but the individual.afterall we have some performing pdp politicians like rotimi amaechi.as for power I think Goodlucks power sector reforms and the recent investments in power generation and improvement are on point.it will take time before we have stable or near stable power because these projects have long gestation period.if obj or the other leaders have implemented power reforms we won't be complaining today.also I think GEJ has some laudable vision such as the railway rehabilitation,d gas reforms and others.am not saying he is perfect but am saying let's allow him continue and conclude this projects.the other aspirants are equally politicians and will brag about what they will do only to dissapoint us when they meet the reality on ground.if can and cpc are in power the same rut and same thing that has plagued us may still occur in there parties.its not jus a pdp thing but its about the system called nigeria
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What we need now is a united nigeria.Goodluck Sambo ticket represents just that.If we must keep nigeria as one then the choice is ours!

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I suggest they wait till the election take place even,because I believe CPC can win if the northerners do their part well by shunning PDP's money politics like the ACN did last week Saturday sweeping the West and standing and guiding their votes.

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Walter must be one of the politicians. This is the kind of lie we hear from them. Exagerating their achievements. For 12 years the PDP led govt can't achieve significant improvement in power supply. That's failure. We all believe OBJ, Yaradua could have done it but they could'nt. Its rational to say some one else should be allowed to try.
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@ Walter I can say power has improved but not to anywhere near the point of stability as claimed by Naira 4 dollar
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TO beat PDP, they need more than an alliance btw d CPC & ACN, these are two parties wit very divergent views, wat's d unifying factor?? U forget that the PDP has about 25 other parties supporting it, calla spade a spade d PDP is d single largest & most nationalistic party in Nigeria, if the claim to be the largest party in Africa thay just might be it. Don't think them losing a lot of seats in d parliamentary elections makes dem any lesser, its just that the other parties & Nigerians are beginning to realize that control doesn't necessarily lie in the hands of the president, & like i would always say, all em parties r same, same people same rhetoric's...
The question that should be asked is this"what is the foundation of both parties built on?" Is it ethnicity or nationalism?
ACN is majorly a south-western party while d CPC is a nothern party.if they can't unite how do they plan to unite nigeria?

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you must be a fool to say there is stable power supply.
Since the beginning of democracy in nigeria,this is the only time nigerians has fought for their civic right,i believe dat this is the time for a change in our polity as a nation,and by the his grace grace i believe that there will be a positive change in our great nation.
To me CPC is to be blamed, u will all agree with me that CPC is a small party compare to ACN and if information reaching me is true, CPC people r not ready for D alliance cos u don't expect a big party to drop there candidate for a small party. I tink Buhari is just too desperate for my likening. CPC will no longer exist after this election while CAN will still be there

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It would have been a very good move if CPC and CAN could reach an understanding on the alliance against the PDP. But it is a shame that people allow personal intrest work against national interest.
Ribadu & Adeola on one hand, Buhari & Bakare on the other hand, and the mordan day Maradona (Asiwaju Tinubu) in the center of the whole thing.
Ribadu & Adeola, fresh horns in the game of politics, full of zeal and ready to take the mantle, but will Asiwaju allow him to work freely?
Buhari & Bakare, a combination of the old experienced General who performed even as a military man and a nationally recognised pastor who has been in the for front of the agitation of a better Nigeria, having nothing any one, not even Asiwaju has anything against either of the pair.
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the political Maradonna of our time, who has just returned from a meeting with his surposed political enermy, at this time. What was the meeting all about? Are we sure that Maradonna has not sold out on his man, who has really never been his man? Are we sure that Maradonna has not been offered some mouth watering incentives to sell out on his surposed man?
The results will justify the means.
If all things is to go well, let Ribadu step down for Buhari, with the promise of Buhari making Rebadu the Inspector General of Police and a few other incentives for the ACN. This will further ensure a formidable force against the PDP.
Who is to blame for the failed attempts? Your guess is as good as mine. Maradonna is your man.
Well, I scattered the alliance, not for PDP as a party but for GoodLuck as a
person. The guy's got visions and therez been so much transformation since he
entered... example is stable power supply.

Do not ask me how I did it cos I won't tell...
The two parties involved in the stupid alliance were over ambitious . I knew
from onset that the alliance is not gonna see the light of the day . It didn't
come to me as surprise that it ended that way .
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Don't u think this may be largely attributable to selfish aggrandisement on the part of everyone.. I don't mean that they don't mean well for Nigeria.. Don't get me wrong pls..

Though I stand to be corrected, each of them believe that they are d best men for d job!!!

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I can't not say for sure who is to be blamed for the failed alliance,the point
is Nigerian politicians have not learnt to put "our" (Nigerians) intrest above
their egocentric pursuaint of power. I like most other people belive that for
the succesful ouster of PDP from Aso Rock an alliance is inevitable to achieve
this feat,calculations from the just concluded NASS elections still show PDP as
controlling majority seats in both the upper and lower chambers of the house.
Britain actually did it 2oust the incumbent Gordon Brown,why can't we?
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The alliance should have taken place long ago but due to human fact "EGO" is the main cause, none of the CPC and AC people are ready to bow down for each other and come to A round table..

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"To beat PDP, we all agree that ACN and CPC should have formed some kind of alliance."

I am pro-incumbent (at the Presidency level) and glad that whatever forged alliances keep failing,over and over again!!!

PDP? Power to the People...

Battle grounds (Polling Booths) here we come!!!


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Who knows? Unless you are in it , you can't really judge. Can u?

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