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Asthma falls into four main categories of intensity for all different asthma types. These asthma sorts apply to allergic, non-allergic, exercise induced, occupational, and aspirin induced asthma.What are the four main categories of intensity on the subject of asthma? The four categories embrace mild intermittent, delicate persistent, moderate persistent, and severe persistent. These classes were outlined by the National Institutes of Health in their guidelines for the diagnosis and management of asthma.Let’s take a look at each intensity level in a lot of detail.Intensity Level 1: Mild Intermittent.This intensity level is characterised by experiencing symptoms no more than 2 times per week during the day and only 2 times a month during the night time. If you’ve got this level of asthma you may typically not expertise any asthma symptoms between the infrequent asthma episodes. When you do expertise asthmatic symptoms the symptoms can solely hassle you for a short period of time and at the most a few days. Asthma does not play a huge role in your life.Intensity Level 2: Mild Persistent.This intensity level is characterized by experiencing symptoms a little more frequently. You expertise asthma symptoms a lot of than two times every week during the day and a lot of than 2 times a month at night. However, you do not expertise asthma every single day. At this intensity asthma does have a clear affect on your daily life.Intensity Level 3: Moderate Persistent.This intensity level is characterized by experiencing asthma symptoms a lot of additional frequently. You have got symptoms each day and additionally additional than just one occasion per week throughout the night. You always have a short-acting bronchodilator there to help stop an asthma attack. Your daily activities are greatly tormented by your asthma. You must keep your asthma medications and fast relief items on hand.Intensity Level four: “Severe Persistent”.This intensity level is characterised by experiencing asthma symptoms very frequently. In fact, you experience asthma symptoms all day long and every one night. You have got to be terribly careful concerning your activities and usually notice that you’ll not participate in several activities because of your asthma.How do I figure out which intensity level my asthma sort falls underneath? There are 2 things you can do to see this information. 1st, keep track of all your asthma symptoms. Build positive to notice the day and time of your symptoms. Indicate the sort and intensity of your symptoms. Second, have your doctor evaluate the extent of your asthma with numerous respiration and airway tests. They will have you bear lung-operate tests and measure your heart rate. They will have a look at your medical history and asthma tracking to assist you work out the intensity of your asthma. From this they will prescribe you asthma medication and coverings that may greatly alleviate your asthma

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Glaucoma is a disease of the eyes that damages the optic nerve and leads to a progressive and an irreversible vision loss. It is said that IOP is the main causative factor for Glaucoma. IOP stands for Intra-Ocular Pressure. There are various ways to treat this eye condition and one such way is through eye drops.

Types of Glaucoma

There are mainly two types of Glaucoma and they are Primary Open Angle Glaucoma and Angle Closure Glaucoma. Both these conditions occur when there is damage to IOP.

Apart from these two conditions, there is a condition, where there is no damage to IOP, yet Glaucoma occurs. This is a special condition called Normal Tension Glaucoma. However, a common symptom in all these cases is increase in eye pressure.

Glaucoma Eye Drops

There are different types of eye drops available in the market for treating Glaucoma. These can be classified as follows:

Beta Blockers

The ingredients used in these types of eye drops are Timoptol, Teoptic, Betoptic, Nyogel and Betagan. They can be used once every morning. However, caution should be taken, as overuse may cause Asthma. Avoid using these drops if you have a history of Asthma. These side effects do not occur in every patient. Other side effects are slow pulse, tiredness, dizziness and a reduction in the ability to workout. Some patients also have reported for depression and impotency.

Alpha Agonists

These drops include Iopidine and Alphagan. These eye drops are said to reduce any production of the fluid in eye and they improve the fluidity in eyes. They can be used two to three times a day. Possible side effects include dry mouth and feeling of unwell. Alphagan may give rise to nightmares in young children.

Prostaglandin Analogues

These eye drops include Lumingan, Xalatan, and Travetan. These drops can improve fluid flows inside the eye through the non-conventional pathways such as uveo-scleral. They are preferably used at night. Some side effects such as a pinkish coloring of eye may occur for a couple of weeks and fades with time. In some cases, the iris may darken. However, these temporary effects heal with time.

Carbonic Anhydrase

These are basically inhibitors and include Azopt and Trusopt. These eye drops can reduce fluid productions to a significant extent. They may give a bitter taste as a side effect. They can be used up to three times a day.

Cholinergic Agonists

These eye drops include Pilocarpine. They allow improved fluid flow rates. The drops are also available in gel forms called Pilogel. They may also cause side effects such as headache with eye ache.

All eye drops may cause slight or mild irritation. However, if the irritations persist for long, then immediately consult an eye doctor. In addition, never neglect these irritations, as they may lead to weakening of your eyesight. If you are allergic to some drops, then avoid using them. Remember, Glaucoma is a treatable disease and thus, with proper care and attention, you can come out of it.

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Image by Vishvesh war
Neem trees growing on the slopes of Seclusion Hill away from Meherazad. Another medicinal plant at Meherazad.

Your whole personality will be chaged if your have pearl like beautiful and white teeth. But keeping teeth so white and strong in todays’ junk food eating habit is bit difficult. Your life is so fast that there is not even a time to eat food properly what to think about teeth. If this is your daily life’s story then calm down and read this article further as this will help you in keeping your teeth health through natural way. Also if you have time then work upon these for a stronger and white looking teeth.

Ayurveda is a miracle as it has so many beneficial herbs and treatments that are sometimes beyond imagination. There are many herbs that can be used daily or in a routine to get the required result. Moreover to your surprise these have no side effect.

Azadirachtha indica or neem or margosa is valuable for teeth. Twig of this tree is used as a brush and rubbed on teeth. This is really a bliss and one of the best herb to cure any dental problem. Even you can get neem oil from the market that can be applied on teeth to keep the bad breath at bay. You can use this daily. Buy a bundle of neem twig and brush your teeth.

After this there is another herb called Babul (Acacia arabica) that is benign for teeth and gums. Just like neem use the twig of babul and feel the freshness through out a day. As per ayurveda there is nothing greater than babul in giving you the fresh feel.

Bakula or  Mimosops Elengi that is used to cure many dental problem. Leaves of bakula can also be boiled in water, which then can be used as a mouthwash. It keeps your teeth and gums in proper shape and gives then strength to remain like that for a longer period of time.

Holy basil or tulsi or Ocimum sanctum is a very beneficial herb that has innumerable benefits. Get the powder of basil leave and rub this on your teeth daily. To make basil powder at home you can dry leaves of the plant under Sun then then ground them. Even it is very helpful in treating pyorrhea.

Also you can mix one table spoon of sarson or mustard oil and pinch of salt. Daily apply this on your teeth for healthy and strong teeth.

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In the late 1880’s and early 1890’s while many European countries were converting to small bore smokeless rounds the US still had the outdated 45-70 Springfield a black powder 45 caliber design. In 1892 the Krag was adopted taken from a Norwegian design. It has only one locking lug which limits the loads you can use. The magazine pulled out from the side and the cartridges were dropped in which was fairly convenient.

It beat out over 50 other rifle types to be adopted including a variation of the 303 Savage. It was loaded with a 220 grain round nose solid bullet and was outdated almost as soon as it was adopted. The velocity varied from 2000 to 2200 FPS though the heavier loads were known to crack the locking lug.

Its shortcomings became apparent during the Spanish American War. The Spaniards had a 7 X 57 Mauser with a more streamline bullet weighing173 grains at a higher velocity about 2300 FPS so they were able to pick our troops off from distances that were too great for the Krag. At the battle at San Juan Hill about 700 Spanish soldiers inflicted about 1400 casualties on our 15,000 men army. That started a search for a better long range cartridge eventfully ending up with the 30-06. The Krag was replaced in 1903 with the 30-03 which was a slightly longer variant of the 30-06. Like all military hardware it was used for a few years after being replaced by reserves.

It was the first smokeless sporting round brought out in the US in 1893. The Winchester Hi-Wall was the first to adopt it. The Winchester model 95, Remington Lee bolt action and some rolling blocks also adopted it in short order. From 1936 to 1973 there were no rifles offered in this caliber but Ruger offered a single shot rifle for a few years. There was a rimless version loaded by United Metallic cartridge and used in the Blake rifle though it’s not common today.

Today there are still some Krags around though they are getting pricey especially originals. Ammo can be found and there is plenty of information for the handloader though caution is the byword. It is suitable for most large game and can produce great accuracy. The Krag utilizes cast bullet and reduced loads very well. It has one of the smoothest actions around. If you have one by all means shoot it, you won’t be sorry.

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There are plenty of choices to consider with regards to amusement. If you prefer visual technological innovation, ever wondered if putting on your Tv set can be done these days? Well, there’s nothing impossible when it comes to technology. The fact remains that it’s possible to view videos just by wearing fashionable shades. You may be asking yourself exactly how this functions, right? You might want to go through this Vuzix Wrap 310XLreview and find out exactly what big difference this particular interesting device can do for you personally.

Vuzix comes with a state-of-the-art video systems via their own eye wear solutions and products. Should you check out this product, you will are convinced that it’s just a regular pair of shades but it’s really more than that. When you put the eye glasses on, it is possible to discover 2 small display screens in front of every eye. These displays enable you to watch video clips as though the screen is ten feet far from you. You’ll be able to make specific changes to the eyewear based on exactly how comfortable you are when it comes to having the settings focused in accordance with your personal liking.

You will discover Vuzix a really fascinating kind of technology simply because besides this being handy this also provides exactly the same comfort and ease that it can just like you have been viewing a video out of your home entertainment system. Even though it’s got those compact displays, while you wear the sun shades, you will discover that these displays can handle delivering full color videos only at that kind of image resolution. And also the sounds, you possibly can ensure yourself that it’s just like listening via crystal clear loudspeakers by using those ear plugs which comes along with this particular eye wear.

What’s more awesome about this Vuzix Wrap 310XL is you can in fact put it on and view a movie through it through an Apple iPad or an iPhone. For those who have a selection of movies saved upon these Apple devices or even YouTube video clips, it is possible to play such files via using the Vuzix eye wear. Yet, don’t assume all video clips can be played through this amazing device for it does have certain limitations. Overall, the person making use of it will find it one enjoyable device that’s fashionable and convenient to watch and wear all at once.

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